Professional Emotion Training

We offer the only emotion training for autistics that is taught body-based, without any intervention in the psyche or personality.

Through the exercises, autistics may reduce and partially dissolve individual fears, insecurities, uncontrolled anger, communication difficulties and more.

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Tony Attwood

recommends PEM Autism

As a world-renowned expert in the field of autism, Professor Tony Attwood has been working on the subject professionally and privately for almost 50 years.

Tony Attwood already attended a PEM workshop, met the SEOs of PEM Autism and spoke in a detailed video interview about the PEM and the importance of emotion training.

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Workshops and Lectures

Individual offers

We offer individual  worldwide workshop and presentation packages.
Are you interested in an individual PEM workshop or a lecture in your institution?

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Sustainable Emotion Regulation
We offer the only emotion training, which makes through physical exercises an improved emotion regulation achievable.
Tony Attwood
The world renowned autism expert supports and recommends PEM Autism
Workshops and Lectures
In addition to our offers in our center, we also offer individual, international lectures and workshops.

PEM Autism

We support autistic people, their relatives and professional staff.

The PEM Center is an officially certified education provider.

At our facility, we offer various training opportunities.
You can work individually join one of our workshops and lectures as well as
start a certified training program to become a PEM instructor yourself.

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